Gently Baked Strawberry

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Strawberries, in a bag, for nibbling on the go without the mess. Paired with a little pure apple juice to keep them soft, these in season strawberries make up 1 of your 5 a day. We’ve looked after them from the farm gate to the bag and like all our fruit there’s no refined sugar or chemicals added.

10 yummy bags in every box

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Nutrition information

per serving

Energy 246kJ

Protein 0.4g

Fat 0.04g

(of which saturates) 0g

Carbohydrates 13.5g

(of which sugars*) 11.6g

Fibre 1.2g

Sodium 1mg

*Naturally occurring fruit sugars only

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I'm In love with them tasty rewarding good for on the go for a snack yummy 😋

– Helena

Awesome new product - lovely natural sweetness and great texture. A real treat at an affordable price, am recommending them to everyone. Resealable, appealing packaging so can take anywhere.

– Ruth Lilley

Some one brought these in for our shared kai at an ece centre and we all thoroughly enjoyed them, myself especially. Cant wait for my son and partner to try them. We will have to buy them weekly.

– Jenna Trass

I'll admit, I've historically been a bit of a skeptic of dried fruit. My experiences have ranged from boot leather transported in the same truck as a piece of fruit, to flavoured hunks of sugar that were so intense it caused my blood-sugar to skyrocket so enormously I blacked out and woke up in a plane I had started building from scratch during my sugar-induced haze. No, it wasn't deemed sky-worthy. I asked. So, it's fair to say I was a little tentative when trying my first bag of Nibblish dried strawberry. And not just because my last experience left me with a migraine and a vaguely-flyable plane (I don't care what the airline industry say about it). However, I am also extremely bad at learning my lesson. Summoning my courage, I assembled my new and improved aircraft blueprints, ripped open the bag, and prepared myself to deal with the consequences of my oversight. The first win: they didn't have the texture of a lightly abused oilskin jacket. No. This was different...soft...tender...sort of like taking a bite out of an unassuming (but very understanding and remarkably forgiving) angel. I felt safe. Protected. Enlightened, even. And then came the taste. The closest I've ever been to astral projecting was probably when my brother tried to hypnotize me with a cursed pocket watch he found on eBay, and then shot a firework directly at my head. That was until now. Now I can honestly, unashamedly say I have had an out of body experience. Nibblish dried strawberry, you are perhaps the love of my life. Never before have I eaten something strawberry that *actually* tastes like strawberry. Real, authentic strawberry! Marvelous! How rare is it to find a company that actually produces a product that tastes like they say it will! Nibblish, you deserve a Nobel peace prize. With tears of joy in my eyes, I promptly finished the entire bag. And started wondering how many bags I'd be able to buy in one go before somebody chased me out of the supermarket hollering with a broom and calling me a "feral berry gremlin". I've yet to come up with an exact answer, but I feel instinctively the number is probably around 67. I would love to blame my lack of self control for how disturbingly fast I ate the bag, but I'd much rather blame how delicious they were. I have no accountability. I truly believe that if Nibblish strawberry was to manifest itself into human form before me, I would indeed find myself staring at Henry Cavill. Perhaps John Krasinski. The only downside to this delightful little snack is the fact it made me realise that I am in no way, shape, or form an engineer. I have absolutely no idea how to construct a plane. I can't even fly a plane. A harsh reality that I must face (also the fact I can only rate these 5 stars and not infinite). Life is tough. Nibblish dried strawberry is not. Buy a bag, you won't regret it.

– Cece

Better than lollies!

– Sheridan White

Thanks Maree - you should find us in both the Countdown and the Pak n Save in Te Awamutu. Drop us a line at [email protected] if you still struggle.

– Nib B

I love these but can no longer find them in Te Awamutu. Wonderful snack, a real treat.

– Maree

Absolutely love it, my favourite snack.

– Joanne

Such an amazing product – i’m vegan and gluten free and finding snacks like this is so hard. Thanks Nibblish!

– Helen

These taste incredible!! So fabulous for the family too. Yum!

– Amanda

The Nibblish process

We pick the fruit when it’s fresh and in season, bake it the day it comes off the plant to lock in the goodness and make the most wholesome snack possible.

Direct to growers

We deal directly with growers so they get the best price for their fruit.

Grow native

We grow our fruit where its native and pick it fresh and in season.

Slice & bake

Slice it and bake it the day it comes off the plant to lock in the goodness without adding any nasties.


Pop it in a bag for you to enjoy on the go.

Grab a multi pack!

Not sure what you fancy or just like a bit of everything? We’ve got a mixed box option which lets you choose exactly what to have.

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