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From our kitchen to the world

It started back in 2014 when our daughter Imogen was born with allergies. CEO’s wife Melanie started whipping up ‘free-from’ snacks in the kitchen and experimented with fruit.

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Where we began

Back then there wasn’t much awareness of added sugar and chemicals in dried fruit and other foods that there is today. When our healthy fruit snacks turned out to taste great and be a hit with practically everyone – Nibblish was born.


While Imogen’s allergies were the catalyst for us to start Nibblish, it quickly became apparent just how much food around us has added sugar and chemicals in them. We’ve always been active and health conscious so we set about learning about the global fruit industry to see how we could make a difference.

We figured if we could make a sugar free baked fruit in our kitchen, why couldn’t we take that to all New Zealanders and the world?


We used to create small batches of product in our little family kitchen and then head to supermarkets around Auckland asking to give us a go – we’d set up a table and give people a taste of what we’d created. Fortunately, people caught on and started asking for us in supermarkets around the North Island then down into the South Island. From there we’ve been putting more and more healthy snacks into pantries all over New Zealand and across the ditch in Australia.

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About Us

There’s so much to know about us at Nibblish. Find out how our food is wholesome, delicious and healthy while still supporting our community, our growers and the environment.

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