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Welcome to your healthy snacking revolution

We're bananas about fruit and great tasting, healthy food on the go. Nibblish Baked Fruit - no added nonsense and no mess

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What makes our fruit unique?

Most dried fruit:

Pick low grade fruit that doesn't always taste good.

Soak in sugar solution for 48 hours. When the sugar goes in the water comes out, drying the fruit.

Wash in chemicals to keep it looking bright and colourful.

The final product is 40-50% fruit and has more sugar than lollies.

Nibblish baked fruit:

Pick premium fruit when it's ripe and tasty and at its most nutritious.

Slice it and bake it on the same day at a very low heat for 17 hours to lock in the goodness and juiciness.

Add nothing - no sugar and no chemicals.

100% fruit - tasty, juicy and full of goodness.

We're big on giving back and doing good

Renewable Energy, Helping Small Growers, No Waste, Supporting charities.

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Doing Good

Who we are

We’ve been inventing healthy snacks for 4 years – It all started when our daughter had food allergies as a baby and there was nothing out there for her. So we started with things that were as close to nature as possible. Real food that’s full of nutrients and got no nonsense hidden away.

It turned out other folks enjoyed food this way too – real fruit, just without the mess.

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Our Products

Every bag is packed full of real fruit

1 bag of strawberries = approx. 40 strawberries

1 bag of pineapple = approx. half a pineapple

1 bag of mango = approx. 2 mangoes

1 bag of banana = approx. 5/6


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