As Mum and Dad, sportspeople, foodies and office workers, we've had lots of names. But whichever role we played, we always struggled to avoid unhealthy snacks to get us and the family past the afternoon slump.

Most of the time fruit was the go-to but have you ever kept strawberries in your bag all day? Or tried peeling a mango in the car on the way home?

It's just a no go - so we set out to find a solution. One that didn't need all the sugar or sulphites you see in other dried fruit but also kept fruit tasty and full goodness. Months and a big food bill later we found a way to make yummy fruits like banana and strawberry a little easier to nibble on the go.

From there Nibblish was born. Healthy snacks and gently baked fruit with no sugar, concentrates or sulphites. 1 of your 5+ a day in a bag with no nasty stuff.

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